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A cloud solution accessible from the desktop & mobile devices.

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Navigate the fragmented, challenging landscape of emerging markets

With more than a decade of on-the-ground experience partnering with health systems, governments, donors and NGOs, we understand both the obstacles and opportunities inherent in developing economies.

Leaders are constrained by fragmented and incomplete data and lack powerful analytics to quickly identify risks and opportunities. What’s more, they are limited by the capacity of teams to act on insights and deliver consistent and quality services across facilities and geographies.

We built BroadReach Vantage, a fully integrated data-driven platform, to overcome these obstacles and empower this diverse network to drive sustainable, widespread improvements to health and human services. And, to ensure our clients’ success, we provide comprehensive strategic, technical and implementation services.

Supporting distributed teams
in the office & out in the field

Tuned to the needs of professionals working in global development, BroadReach Vantage brings together
data analytics and operational solutions in an easy-to-adopt and use platform.

Our technology codifies more than a decade of experience working in emerging economies — ensuring you gain deep insights from powerful analytic
tools, and can translate insights into actions to improve performance, avoid risks and seize opportunities.

Data-Driven Insights

Data Sets

Identify and collect the data necessary to answer your strategic and operational questions.

  • Customers
  • Governments
  • NGO & contractors
  • Public domain
  • Private sector
  • BroadReach 4,500+ indicators
  • Socio-economic
  • Health system performance
  • Supply chain/procurement
  • Regulatory
  • Disease epidemiology & prevalence
  • Patient treatment registry
  • Lab data
  • Provider lists
  • Benchmark, surveys & GIS
  • Funding sources
  • Real-time & crowd sourced

Data Warehouse

Optimized for data collection and aggregation of big data in low-bandwidth settings — in geographies with “siloed” data and paper-based reporting systems.

Powerful Analytics

Performance Management Dashboard

Instantly understand and visualize current performance against goals and indices from the country to facility level, drill down to pinpoint risks and opportunities and trigger change by incorporating KPIs into daily activities. Includes alerts, intuitive queries and is customizable for the diverse needs of different decision-makers.

Advanced Analytics

Evidence-based insights drawn from aggregated data sets with algorithms and visual tools for root cause analysis, statistical analysis, what-if scenarios, forecasting, predictive modeling and supply chain intelligence.

Operational Solutions

Workflow Toolkits

Streamline and standardize processes across facilities and geographies with scalable and auditable turnkey roadmaps for best practices in:

  • Testing Campaigns
  • Patient Adherence
  • Operational Excellence
  • Clinical Excellence
  • Supply Chain

Optimized for mobile devices with access to step-by-step guidelines, templates and examples to build staff capacity. Also enables data capture in low-bandwidth areas as well as offline, ready to synch when Internet access is regained.

Automated Reporting

Substantially reduce the time to prepare standard and ad hoc reports, grant renewals, reviews and new submissions – transparently complying with requirements.

Replace a laborious, paper-laden system to free staff for more productive pursuits.

Team Collaboration Tools

Share knowledge in real-time across a distributed team via mobile devices and desktop computers for better:

  • Communication
  • Troubleshooting
  • Trend identification
  • Data collection

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A proverbial village is required to make sense of the messy medley of data points that is big data in health care today, integrate and manage them in a safe and secure environment, and translate the findings into practice.

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