BroadReach™ Vantage for Health

Data-driven solutions to optimize public and private healthcare.

Realize the full potential of your investments
in population health & wellbeing

Our integrated platform brings together data analytics and operational solutions
in an easy-to-adopt and use platform accessible from mobile and desktop devices.

Data aggregation — of disparate public &
private data to uncover levers for improvement.

Performance Dashboard — tracks critical success metrics in an at-a-glance format with scorecards & alerts to monitor progress.

Advanced Analytics — helps you direct resources to the highest-impact initiatives & create an efficient supply chain.

Proven workflow toolkits — systemically improve the capacity of teams with consistent implementation across geographies & facilities, such as: Testing Campaigns, Patient Adherence, Operational Excellence, Clinical Excellence & Supply Chain.

Automated reporting — drastically reduces staff time, freeing resources for mission-driven activities & increases accountability & transparency.

Integrated collaboration tools — allow stakeholders to collect valuable data, share knowledge & troubleshoot from every location.

Professional Services
A commitment to your success

Our team supports you in three areas:

  1. Technical: Platform set-up, data collection, aggregation & management – with minimal involvement from your organization
  2. Strategic: To turn insight into strategies, policies & processes
  3. Implementation: Training to empower local teams to rollout programs

With more than a decade of deep, on-the-ground experience, we forge creative partnerships to problem-solve and implement efficient, scalable and cost-effective solutions. Drawing upon best practices from all sectors—public, private and non-profit—our philosophy is to build and empower local capacity.

Utilizing BroadReach Vantage, we have effectively prioritized resources, identifying the facilities with the greatest negative impact on overall district performance. Optimization of resources together with focused interventions have resulted in significant improvements in viral load completion rates for ART patients at a clinical level, from 32% to 92% in one year.

Health & Human Services Manager