This is Vantage

Vantage is an AI-enabled cloud platform that empowers healthcare workers to make the right decision, take the right action, right now.

By combining big data with purposeful analytics and proven workflows, we ensure they receive real-time insight and impactful action to best use time, and in a way that truly matters.

Through Vantage, the best leading-edge technology is distributed in simple and immediate ways to save lives.

We’re helping people see what’s next, to make right now.


Simple Solutions: Complex Analytics


Analytics to focus resources

  • Aggregate public & private data
  • Understand current performance
  • Model & visualise risks & opportunities

Integrated tools to empower teams

  • Best practice workflow toolkits
  • Automated reporting
  • Real-time collaboration

Transformative social impact – at scale

  • Improve the lives of people in need
  • Increase transparency & accountability
  • Boost ROI

Vantage at a Glance

With Vantage, our leading healthcare experts and consultant teams are able to help our clients achieve consistency and scale in program delivery that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

It is the fundamental part of our approach where we leverage complex technology to deliver simple solutions that change lives.


Actionable insights

Vantage applies advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning to mine data and transform it into insights and clear recommendations.

Best-practice workflows

Vantage connects a powerful library of best practice implementation tools to provide clear, methodical actions to implement recommendations.

Right, real-time reporting

Vantage functions 24/7 to manage the various complex data inputs to deliver the most up to date view of critical performance indicators.

Connecting the dots

Vantage collects and connects data from various relevant systems, databases and reports to give leaders an integrated bird’s eye view of their program.

Adaptive Management

Vantage continuously evaluates and learns, connecting deeper insights with an on-going commitment to improved performance.

Performance Management

Vantage allows managers to track, monitor and support large and dispersed field staff.

Team collaboration

Vantage connects all stakeholders, providing accessible communication streams for collection, notification, sharing and more.

Why we use Vantage



Data to insight to recommendation to action that creates impact, all within a single system.



Consistency at scale to enable large program performance.



Proven recommendations for what, where, when and how to act.



Proactive, comprehensive and relevant recommendation.



Dramatically reduce time to action from months to seconds.

Flattening the curve with the power of Vantage

Vantage is the cloud-enabled, AI-powered epicenter of our response to all health concerns, especially COVID-19. It’s built in collaboration with the Microsoft suite of applications to give it security, simplicity and intuitive use.

Combining our industry knowledge with Microsoft's intuitive technology stack has allowed Vantage to rapidly develop and be configured, enabling it to input, aggregate and analyze vast healthcare data, transforming it into actionable insights that can save lives in the most aggressive pandemic outbreak in a generation.


A uniquely Microsoft partnership

Vantage is built on the Microsoft suite of applications, meaning data is fortified on the most secure cloud platform, Azure. Its functionality is robust, scalable, intuitive and naturally collaborative, allowing for seamless Microsoft Teams, powerBI and Kaizala integration.

Vantage harnesses superior technology and blends it with unique sector knowledge to deliver a product that answers the questions of our time, on-time, simply and at scale.


Microsoft and Vantage in the time of COVID-19

COVID-19 Solutions Toolbox: Our Vantage-powered
COVID-19 pandemic management portfolio has been recognised as one of the top five COVID-19 technology solutions in the Middle East and Asia, with both adding it to their toolbox.


What our clients think of Vantage

“Before Vantage I had to rely on outdated, unreliable data to manage programs that came in every quarter. Now, I have the information at my fingertips, in real-time.”

“Vantage is my secret to my success, it tells me where to focus my attention each day and what steps I need to take.”

““I have more control over my program of 300 staff across 40 clinic sights, Vantage has given me the ability to track my team’s performance so that I can priorities activities and spend.”

“It used to take me and my team 3 weeks to consolidate the data from the field and analyze it quarterly. With Vantage, this same process is done with a single click. I can now use the insights to plan activities and my staff are guided with step by step tools.”

*Quotes recorded from Vantage users, for contractual reasons their names must remain anonymous

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