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Rethink the drivers of health & wellbeing

Gain clarity with information & insights, collaborate to connect the dots and improve quality & effectiveness with proven workflows.

BroadReach™ is proud to power leaders in global development and the private sector with robust solutions that bring together the technology, people and process required for success.

NGOs & Contractors

Improve program design and delivery, increase team capacity and automate reporting to accomplish more with existing resources.


Understand landscape dynamics and monitor the impact of your investments and how best to optimize future allocations.


Understand the performance of health and human services organizations by geography and facility to deliver on national development priorities and Sustainable Development Goals, prioritizing resources for optimal outcomes.

Public & Private Healthcare Providers

Expand access to quality healthcare with consistent service delivery and optimize the return on resource investments.

Life Sciences & Medical Technology

Find profitable new markets, design entry strategies and identify best practices for serving them.

A single hub for insight & action for maximum impact

  • Monitor current performance
  • Understand how to remedy problems
  • Ramp up standards for program design, delivery & reporting
  • Increase transparency & accountability
  • Streamline process for scalable change

We can help you achieve your goals.


Improve quality & access to public & private services.

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Track performance & meet goals across departments & geographies.

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Under the new Sustainable Development Agenda – with its ambitious goals and 169 associated targets -- the focus on data-driven development promises to intensify.

Alanna Markle, Consultant, African Futures and Innovation Section, ISS Pretoria